Become a plus size model

Those who watch the catwalks during Fashion week may find themselves admiring designs that were never really intended for them. It’s accepted that most fashion models are going to be stick-thin and elegantly tall, but that body type doesn’t apply to the vast majority of women. Fortunately, there are some amazing plus-size clothing lines that have focused on how to make the curvaceous woman feel her own beauty.

Plus-size clothing lines have been created to answer a call for stylish clothes for sophisticated women who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) wear many of the lines put out by some of the most popular designers. These clothing lines are developed to enhance and flatter the fuller figure. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and sexy, and the fact of the matter is that many of the garments designed for petite women just don’t work for those who are average-sized or bigger.

“I think I have said this at least a million times now the plus-size section of the fashion industry is big business for the person that takes on the opportunity of designing fashionable clothing for the curvaceous woman. I know that there’re some designers doing it now, but they are grossly out number in comparison to the people who are not designing for plus-size women.” -Jay Arrington

Singer, actress, and all-around celebrity diva Queen Latifah has been able to help curvier women work with their figures instead of against them by creating Curvation, a line of intimate wear that is both pretty and practical for women who aren’t a size two. There has been talk of expanding to add a ready-to-wear line, as well. For gorgeous, fashion-forward styles, fuller-figured gals may also want to check out Missphit.

Their styles are both trendy and flattering; and they’ve been seen on shows like American Idol, Everybody Hates Chris, and MTV’s Made.

Plus-size clothing lines can vary a bit in the sizes they offer. For example, Kiyonna offers styles for sizes 12 and up, including work suits, lingerie, and bridal designs, among others. They even offer a number of takes on the “little black dress” to offer fun, attractive options to ladies who want to show off their curves to their best advantage.
There are a number of stores like Lane Bryant that specifically carry plus-size clothing lines. Their fashions generally range from size 14 to size 32. This allows them to focus on their particular customer base to find the best styles. Curvy younger girls across the U.S. have also been introduced to the plus-size clothing lines carried by Torrid. Their clothes are fun and fresh, and even their models are plus-sized!

The American population has grown, both in number and in size, over the last few decades; and this has created an entirely new market for clothing designers. The need for plus-size clothing lines has become apparent, and many designers are stepping up to fill the void. While the fashion houses may still be paying attention to the traditional catwalk routines, they are also aware of the fact that they have a whole new audience to appease.